1st gen. Horikawa Yoshitake Chidori Yari with Full Pole

1st Generation Izumi-no-Kami, Yamashiro to Musashi.
Vajra scythes, Strongly executed Chidori version of the 10-plane JuMonji Yari.
This is the first generation with a strong and perfect Mei on Ubu, two-hole Nakago. His father is Kunitake of Kunihiro School and their line descends from Heianjo Yoshinori.
In original mount, this piece has never been through the modern appraisal process. It will certainly polish out and I have proudly place an Oshigata into reference.
High Jo-Saku Shinto. Hawley, YOS 840, Fujishiro pg 80 See Yoshitake in Shinto Horikawa Kunihiro School
Ubu Nakago, Two Mekugi-ana.
Signed: Izumo-no-Kami Fujiwara Yoshitake

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