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Near RYUMON Village

___________|_____ RYUMON NAGAYOSHI KEN-CHO 1249 SENJUIN SADASHIGE TEI-O 1222 ________________ see SENJUIN YUKINOBU School RYUMON NOBUYOSHI BUN-PO 1317 ________________               RYUMON YOSHIYUKI GEN-KYO 1321  _______________                RYUMON NOBUHISA O-EI 1394      NOBUYOSHI BUN-PO: Temple RYUMON JI in the YOSHINO foothills. The         RYUMON school is noted for its reserve. Late KAMAKURA          YAMATO style, wide and raised SHINOGI. SENJUIN smiths          posited to RYUMON might be KOSHIZORI (YAMATO usually          TORII). Running KO-MASAME with O-HADA has JI-NIE and          standing UTSURI. ASAKI-NOTARE of varying width is a          stream of rounded KO-CHOJI CHOJI-MIDARE combinations that         appear on the smooth, flowing line. SUNAGASHI and KINSUJI         etch NIJU through the figures.          BOSHI: SUGU KO-MARU or NIJU that is swept.          NOBU form: EN "Extend."         See KOKUHO NOBUYOSHI, following page.      MEI: NOBUYOSHI RYUMON YOSHIYUKI GEN-KYO: Two-character MEI. RYUMON NOBUHISA O-EI: Two-character MEI.

RYOMON NOBUYOSHI                     KOKUHO

        NAGASA: 2 SHAKU 4.2 SUN 
               SORI: 9 BU 
        NAKAGO: 5 SUN
National Treasure
An Imperial Property of GO-MIZUNO-O-TENNO when given its fine ITOMAKI-no-TACHI mounts, KAN-EI 1624. Emperor GO-MIZUNO-O-TENNO had been given TOKUGAWA HIDETADA's daughter from which GO-KOMYO-TENNO the 110th Emperor, (succeeding his sister, MEISHO-TENNO) was of TOKUGAWA blood. This RYUMON NOBUYOSHI TACHI was then presented to the O-MURA TOKUTARO family. 

SHINOGI-TSUKURI, IHORI-MUNE TACHI with small CHU-KISSAKI. Width in the JI and height of the MUNE seem to hide its FUNBARI. KOSHIZORI. 
KO-ITAME HADA has JI-NIE. KO-NIE KO-CHOJI KO-MIDARE BA sits on the surface of a smoothly undulating CHU-width line. Restrained ASHI falls. KINSUJI and SUNAGASHI cut through figures in the lower creating a stand of wind-carved arroyos. 

BOSHI: Swept NIJU HOSO-SUGU filaments finger the SAKI.

Two MEKUGI-ANA with two-character MEI.


MINAMOTO YOSHITOMO joined the still obscure TAIRA KIYOMORI in the 1156 HOGEN War against his own father and 7 foot giant brother, TAMETOMO - who could catapult spears with his bow. See Sword of Yoshitomo

YOSHITOMO was in support of GO-SHIRAKAWA, Emperor TOBA's legitimate choice over brother, SUTOKU who refused to quit his temporary reign - demanding his own son raised.

A winning success at the HOGEN War was the beginning of KIYOMORI's great TAIRA influence.

KIYOMORI's lack of graces stood when he put YOSHITOMO's father, MINAMOTO TAMEYOSHI to death - there in the face of YOSHITOMO's plea to spare him.

As a result, three years later, YOSHITOMO banded with FUJIWARA NOBUYORI against the TAIRA in the HEIJI War. NOBUYORI's career had been scuttled at the behest of Imperial secretary, MICHINORI whose influence was solely his wife's nursing and puppeteering of Emperor GO-SHIRAKAWA. 

The secretary was found hiding in a cave and put to death.

NOBUYORI took the reins of government, but returning TAIRA KIYOMORI set his capable son, SHIGEMORI against the rebels and crushed their insurrection.

NOBUYORI was beheaded and YOSHITOMO died in flight.
                  -An obvious and permanent end to the great TAIRA rival and last of the MINAMOTO.

"The Battles of Hogen and Heiji  (57.156.4-5)".
Heilbrunn (October 2006

Normally, when one kills a father - and then kills his son, one hastens after loose strings...

Tokiwa Gozen 
On the death of her husband, MINAMOTO YOSHITOMO, TOKIWA GOZEN fled with her three boys, one an infant, to the hidden serenity of RYUMON in the YAMATO foothills, - finding the blank face of fate 
                                                     ...her only companion. 

TAIRA KIYOMORI, the most powerful head of the most powerful family in Japan, scoured the country 
                                                     ...he had to have her

But his rants fell on empty eyes - and silence.

With the arrest of her mother, TOKIWA surrendered herself. And KIYOMORI released her mother - and allowed her her sons. Her silly sons.

She had him a daughter ...before bowing away.

And her sons... 
                 that last little trickle of MINAMOTO blood?

                 - They expunged his line from this earth.

HEIJI Incident: NOBUYORI examines the Head

Taira Shigemori 
TAIRA SHIGEMORI is one of the most respected names in Japanese history. He constantly held his father in check while remaining loyal to TAIRA governance. He attained SAKON-E TAISHO. If he had lived, history would have flowed differently from the path created with his father, KIYOMORI. Above is SHIGEMORI's RADEN SHOKU "Mother-of-Pearl" Court TACHI. 
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