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The world of Japanese swords will remain forever mysterious unless one gains a grasp of the few and surprisingly simple Japanese sword terms. While struggling with new terms, one should also trouble oneself to learn basic sword care.

Proper handling of swords is a structured etiquette appropriate for preservation and a requirement by any culturally experienced person.

Preservation of important antiques is preservation of history.

Proper sword care is more than mere value preservation of one's collectibles, which it certainly is, it becomes quite actually the caretaking of tangible history.

The purchase of swords in old Japan was equivalent to the purchase of land or real property. A sword was not seen in terms of money. It was the seat of personal culture. The marriage of adult life and one's inner-spiritual inclination.

Respect and care have clothed these weapons for centuries.

It is appropriate and necessary that anyone coming in contact with these articles understand how to care for them.

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