30" Ubu Yamamura Hiromitsu Yari w Iron fittings and Iron Wrap Same'
Created for a warrior, it remains exactly as it was - wholly Ubu and a complete Samurai weapon. The Nakago extends through the whole pole - which is stout. The whole mount w/Saya stands 6'3"

Arcing Inazuma follows profuse Chikei through running Mokume Hada


Kofu Ju Minamoto Hiromitsu Saku
Sagami stylist of Yamamura tradition working in Musashi. This piece marks for scholarship, Hiromitsu also made swords in Musashi Provence.
30" Nagasa
41 1/4" Nakago has a 15 1/2" tang extension
running through the whole pole length.

Two Mekugi-ana

43 1/2" Original Pole has Iron wrap Same',
Iron fittings and
31 1/2" Yari-Saya

Running Mokume Hada
has Ji-Nie and profuse Chikei
where strongly arcing Inazuma runs though the Jigane.
Nioi Deki Chu-Sugu Ko-Gunome-Midare Ba
of Hataraki and Kinisuji.
Ko-Maru Boshi with Long Naga-Kaeri arms the Shinogi.
Two Mekugi-ana and Nakago extension

Yamamura tradition comes about in Echigo when Kyo Nobukuni style is received in Yamamura for the Oei.
See https://www.sho-shin.com/hoku18.htm for the Kyo-Soshu style blends in Echigo.

Hiromitsu worked in Musashi
amid the very best of late Edo stylists.
  He made this imposing weapon for the
Restoration struggles.

This was a hotbed of Shogun supporters, who held for the old ways and the Rebels, who were working to destroy the government if favor of Imperial Restoration.

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